Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Giving in to peer pressure

I have been lucky, this year especially.   As you might know from prior posts, two long time gaming buddies have been coming over for a Friday afternoon game for awhile.  In this covid splattered year, we picked up meeting again, keeping masks on as we play.  

Graciously they have let me pick out what we play, as we esplore Mansions of Madness, AD 1666 and various imagination encounters.

Of course, despite explaining  my hobby plans (as in, I will not start any new periods) I have succumbed to peer pressure:

Yes, it is a box of Cruel Seas rules and boats!

Both Greg and Roger have them, with Roger gathering German and Greg Japanese forces.  Having read PT109 in my youth, and seeing several other WW2 movies with PT boats (as well as watching McHale's Navy)I was partway there anyway!

We haven not played yet, but more to come, certainly!


  1. Glad you're able to get in some FTF gaming even masked. And what's life, especially in the Covid era, without a new project!

  2. It is a treat to get a ftf game in a couple times a month. Catch fun while you, when you can. Oh, and paint a lot!

  3. Ah, they have pierced that will of iron, hey Joe?!
    Enjoy the 'boating' and remember:
    "How many times I gotta remind you, this is still the navy"
    "What, what, what?!!"
    Regards, James

  4. Our group has played a couple of games of Cruel Seas and it works quite well - will be interested to see how you go and what your impressions are

    1. just need to assemble and paint them, one of or local group is way ahead of us.