Time off

 A weekend without games nor hobbyist activities.  A combination of yard work and family doings.  

The month of June is half over and our regular schedule has changed for the illness of one of the triumvirate.  We are to deep dive into our own Stargrave campaign and collections are being scoured for potential crews and opponents.  I am lobbying to use the scenario list from The Last Prospector. 

 First photos show the layout.  The scenario is set on the trade station. In a bar (what else?).


I kept some tile sheets from a remodel. Lots of scatter, some resin pieces are 20 plus years old, some are from the AD1666 game ice breaker.

Overall view of the set up and two crews.


Deep into the game, some security units prevent us from using the door to exit. Shooting occurs.


  The nearest we go to each other. 

The game should have been a simple smash and grab, but the Unwanted Attention rules. and the scenario modifiers, and our lousy rolling meant the security forces came quick and thick and right where we did not want them. 


 The security elements that showed were in total more numerous than either of our crews. The random placement caused trouble for Greg, as he was concentrated under the gaze of two weapons teams.  At the end of the game, not much was available the pickings were thin.  We played with several options in preparation to an upcoming set of linked scenarios. Except for the initial read and adjust for the Investigation score and the Side Hustle of each captain, the game mechanics worked as advertised.


July was to be the Egyptian chapter of our Silver Bayonet games,  I have amassed a few items for flavor in the scenery and critter categories. More on that later.


The Sphinx has a surprised look. Probably the flash.



rross said…
You cant do much when the dice are agin you, Joe!

I like the look of your Egyptian scenery.
pancerni said…
Keith, I have noticed my rolling is hot or cold. Truly as the security forces proved so deadly and turn our expectations on our heads. Fun scenario, looking forward to the next.

There will probably be more of the genre coming up soon. I see locally you have Egypt coming up as a theater soon.
DeanM said…
Good to see you enjoying a nice game - and getting yardword done too! :)

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