Monday, October 23, 2017

Two games in three days

Well, Friday saw a pair Armegedon games, Greg and I tried out the Tyranid warrior on two different gangs.  First up were Greg's orks...they had several upgrades and a full crew due to some new recruits as the Yoofs had been advanced to full 'Boyz'as well as a Runtherd and grot from spending a promethium.  Sadly, three figures down and only one wound to the 'nid models,  the gang bottled (left the field) as it was only going to be worse.

Three amigos, although they are not terribly friendly.

  The Tau and I  did no better, in fact the Tau  lost both the specialists ( ion and rail rifle) over the first two turns, and the third turn saw the Tau team leader go down and another Pathfinder go out.  I voluntarily 'bottled' the squad at that point.  In both encounters, we had not gotten close enough for melee, and the 'nid leader was only armed for melee. 

We have decided, only after some serious upgrades to our squads would we try our luck against the 'nid squad.  Well, once every 15 or so years is often enough to play these critters. 

On Sunday we started the Bolt Action Sicily/Italy league.  The first (500) point game I got a chance to play Paul's Italians. I had to adjust my list, as I had not brought any anti-tank.  Silly me, I thought 500 points was too low to see a tank and an armored car.  It did  not help me, my Sherman kept rolling ones for a/t fire, allowing Paul to grab a great flank shot with his 13/40.  Worse, he hit, connected and took out my only armor.  We were playing the  "demolition" scenario from the main book, Paul ended the game 4 inches from the objective.  I conceded as I had only two castings left, the LT and a squad leader.   Great game, came down to maybe two die rolls on the last turn played. 
Here are some of Paul's Italians.

 Some of this squad got very near my supply dump.
While this squad guarded his command post.

Maybe at 750 points I can get revenge.

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