Thursday, February 13, 2020

First strategic turn notes

With apologies to non campaign players, this post is mostly minutiae on how our imaginations campaign is going to work.

The question came up, how/when the first turn is accomplished.  Basically in my mind this will breakdown into two areas.

The first is economics.  Since I want to get away from drachma counting ( nothing more annoying than explaining my spreadsheets) I have decided to go with an activity based system.

WTF is that?

Since everyone in the campaign is familiar with either FoB or Piquet, I am fashioning a set of tables for modifiers on revenue and what you do with it. I hope this allows you to be rulers and not bean counters. It should also give me leeway to adjust the tables without reworking balances.

Since the movement/deployment will work via the Theater of War system, and the rosters are all in, the revenue will work for the non land battle side of the action.

Each ruler starts with a shiny D20 as the first spending roll. The difficulty die is always a D8. Each additional role is 'down' a die type, so D12, D10, D8, D6, D4.  You only get one roll at each level. The astute players will notice there are 6 choices to make per turn, they can go to only one or up to six categories of use.  Oh, btw, I will be doing the rolling based on your instructions. You can list what order of the tables you want the die rolls.

An example:  Naval expenditures- repair a sloop, up 2; repair a brig, up 1; one crew quality upgrade no change, add a sloop or brig or repair a frigate, down one; repair a SOL or add a frigate, down 2.

National pride: Designate a city as a province capital up 2; Beautify a city, up 1; designate a city for a cultural site, no change; establish a school of colleges, down 1; move capital or designate a second capital, down2.

Espionage: negate a spy in your territory, create a spy for another country, up 2; create a master spy (controls up to 5 spies) up 1; break up a known spy ring, no change; discover a previously unknown agent, down 1; major coup, down 2.

I will be making up charts for populace support and engineering, military.

I will also make a chart up for deleting 'dress' cards from the tactical deck, that will take me some time to put together. Imagine taking out  a 'dress' card and replacing with an extra officer check or melee resolution card. So: naval, espionage,national pride, populace support, engineering- military, and tactical deck adjustments.  Six tables.

What I would like from each ruler is a any correspondence to NPC countries and an overview of the relationship to each of the four player countries. Remember, I am playing all the NPC countries.  Each NPC country has a Foreign Minister for you to contact. I would like you to supply me with he name/title of your country's Foreign Minister.

Could we do all this by say March 15?

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