Saturday, June 27, 2020

Great guns!

Couldn't resist.    I thought I was all done with Russian infantry and artillery. Then I stumbled upon these heavy duty pieces by Eagle Figures.  One is listed as a 40 pound howitzer, the other a 18 pounder..I purchased them in the battery packs, you can get the guns or crew separately.

They come packaged two in a battery, with crew. Since I desired a few big pieces for sieges,these will fit the bill. Mounting them will be more involved than normal, as they will be be portrayed as in battery positions.

 Crews for the pieces. Nice variety of poses.

  I also picked up a few Swedish sappers. Happy with those as well.

 This was my first order from Eagle, the figures came well packed and flash free.  Photos show the quality, service was excellent.  Ian from Eagle cautioned that shipping could take up to 6 weeks, but I am happy to report it only took three weeks to arrive!

 All this is to support future siege games in our imaginayion campaign. Great fun!


  1. Very nice find there. I may have to look into the company. It looks like the gunners would blend in well with Front Rank, if they’re large enough.

  2. I will put up some crew with the Hanoverians from Front Rank

  3. Beautiful looking guns Joe. Such massive barrels; heavy indeed!

  4. I love the "big guns". And then there are the marvelous Swedish sappers! Uhf da! :-)