Wednesday, October 5, 2022

What is in this box? OOOps, some old friends! Good for Stargrave populations

 In prep for a service call on our furnace, I was moving stuff and came upon two ten gallon storage boxes. 

In the first one, fortress pieces for a Vauban siege, ctc. On opening the second box, I was greeted by a wave of figures that just made Stargrave even more fun.


 Apologies for the cuteness of the captions. Just so delighted to find what was lost.


Definitely colorful enough for asteroids.

Horns, horns,horns.

Yes, these will do!


So cute.

So bouncy and yet toothsome.

My very first attempt at a sculpt.


 So special.





Ray Rousell said...

Nice looking paintjob!

pancerni said...

Thank you Ray!
I am especially chuffed as so many of these fill needs in scenarios for critters or antagonists in Stargrave and two of the supplements we have.

rross said...

So nice to be reacquainted with old friends after losing touch for many years! Hopefully they will see some gameful (sic) employment very soon!

Ski said...

Nice finds! Some of those are simply priceless.

daveb said...

I'm so envious! I sold my millasaurs with my tyranids many moons ago. One of those sales I truly do regret. The ripper jacks are also a hard to find awesome.

Matt Crump said...

Some nice vintage figures and nice to give them some new gaming life 👍

Tony Adams said...

It is a great feeling to find things you had forgotten about or lost, almost like Christmas. Regards.

pancerni said...

It is great, trying to figure where in my Stargrave adventures they will fit. Great fun ahead, that the figures are "found" is icing on the cake.

Lawrence H said...

A nice find. I can remember most of what I have, but it is always nice seeing old friends again.

Gonsalvo said...

Quite an eclectic mix of figures, all just waiting until they were needed to be rediscovered!