On the table to paint

Well, my wife is cleared to drive, so transportation to the local hobby store is back on schedule. Picked up three issues of  Wargames Illustrated  so I can read until the Easter festivities.

 On the workbench, the painting queue is back up.  Four entries. Two stories.  There are other items in the queue,  these are likely to be be finished next. 


These two worthies from Reaper really ooze character.  On the  right, well, ever see the film "Paperchase?"  Perfect take on the Law Professor. All I need is the 'right' jacket color. Bound for Pulp roles as boss bad guy and/or annoying supervisor in charge of assignments.

The figure on the left feels  as though the elephant in the room just came back from a trip.  I am thinking Stargrave character despite the explorer vibe.

These two are test models for the next two  Napoleonic light infantry units. On the left is a Bavarian 'scharfschutzen' a rifle armed member of a light infantry battalion.  Pink facings and trim are the likely results , if I can keep  the work neat.

The figure on right, a Danish Jaegere (light infantry member) outfitted in the 1809 uniform, complete with snazzy hat. Used Army Painter fast paint  on trousers and jacket...not sure I like the look.

Neither of these are finished,  I will continue with them and report when  completed. 


rross said…
Good news about your wife, Joe! I have not tried the Fast paints system yet, and probably wont - although my gaming buddy Julian has, with great success - I guess you just need to experiment till you get a result you like the look of.....
Good to see your production line back in action. What make are your Napoleonics?
caveadsum1471 said…
Love the elephant man and scientist! Difficult to judge the Napoleonics halfway through, contrast paints aren't a magic bullet? Additionally you do remind me that if I want to do the 1809 campaign I really do need Bavarians!
Best Iain caveadsum1471
pancerni said…
Yes, experimenting is turning out to be almost a prerequisite in each project. They are not meant to be 'fire and forget' as the colors are no standard say Prussian Blue or French Artillery Olive. The greys particularly are problematic.
That said, some colors are great. Flesh colors and grim black come to mind.
The Bavarian is a Perry (metal) as is the Dane. 90% of my guys are. Really like the heft.
pancerni said…
Yes, 1809 needs Bavarians. Luckily Victrix makes line and they are nice!

Army painter fast pain & the contrast line by GW have a lot of good uses, but some things are better when other techniques are added.
Ray Rousell said…
Nice figures Joe. I do like tbe Danes.

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