Piers and pontoons

 Every once n awhile my plans  come to fruition, I now have some 'stone jetty s' for my seaports. Made of blocks of wood from a craft store bargain bag, various sized sticks cut down for planking and facing and a model railroading latex (?) rubber peel and stick product. 

No skill here, but I am happy with the way it appears. Now for a boat!

Next up, a pontoon bridge from Rendava, colored with speed paint's color ' dark wood.'

Just...the kit to cross the pesky river.

Yes, the end ramps need paint, the catchup photo is later in the week. All in all a needed additional terrain piece. 


Stew said…
isn't it great when plans come together?
Ray Rousell said…
Looking mighty fine Joe!
rross said…
Always satisfying to add to the terrain pool - nice work Joe!
pancerni said…
Yes. Even delayed plans!


Options are good. Thanks!
James Fisher said…
Simple, elegant and effective. Bloody marvellous!
Regards, James
pancerni said…
James, thanks for the kind words.

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