February 2024 ready, go!

 The story so far.

February is a mix of games featuring Badgers and Burrows  for two outings,  followed by two of Silver Bayonet via the new Canada supplement.  There will be a break of a week or so in March of the Friday games. 

Now modeling and painting, the queue is filled with the work for the Battle Road project.  Sadly I realize that the militia companies are not ordered yet!

The last building for Concord is ready to be painted, I am rather pleased with how the project's process went. Relying on the cover for the kit, the good Captain's House has a bit of barn red showing.


Who let the dogs out?

We did have a short game of Badgers and Burrows,  proving to ourselves once more that a hiatus from a game translates into the first game played including a bit of rules look up.  My two veteran opponents, Greg & Roger, seem to enjoy the rules and background and they have another chance to beat my rolls next week. Yes, fellow gamers, today was one of those games where the dice were all in my favor. The mighty Wildcat from Greg's band went down to the pack; the hare & rabbit bunch told their owner, Roger, they'd very much like to go home now once they saw the dogs up close and personal.


  Greg's leader, a large wildcat!

  Don't let the cute ears fool you, those rabbits all have bows!

  Wildcat advances menacingly.

End game, no wildcat, hounds howl in victory.

Post game and victory spoils netted me a handsome amount of pennies (nothing larger in coin in this realm!) Perhaps the greyhound can be induced to join the pack.  

Saturday drama-

Instead of staying home and painting, I traveled to Tabletop (local store) for a practice game of Rebels & Redcoats. Yet more rules mistakes were made, but we did get a few more of the mechanics under our belt. Now that the other players are reading the rules,  am sure things will sort themselves out.  From the game play so far and the scenarios in the book, I think we will see more of this set of rules this year.

Logjams, coming soon.

Allied War effort accelerates:

Bigger news that day was the procurement of four printed copies of the mighty B24.  Blood Red Skies will get quite the boost as I clean up the sprues or supports from the last model, but here is a photo of a printed and completely assembled birds. 



And, Meglomania at its finest:

Last but not least, after a bout of trading that would make a Hanseatic merchant house proud, I have a new game to play:

Been looking at this awhile.  I will do an opening if anyone's interested.


You are keeping yourself quite busy on the gaming front. Having played Rebels & Patriots a lot, I am interested in seeing your impression of the rules.
pancerni said…
Yes, but two games a week are likely be tops compared to your own 5 games a week !

The first few months of the year, with no outside chores beyond shoveling white stuff, is prime gaming time. Having the store with 12 -yeah, twelve, tables dedicated to gaming so close is a boost.

Funny thing is some of my efforts may result in playing some solo games. If I can find the time.

I am glad to compare notes on Rebels and Patriots with you. First impressions, a little convoluted in presentation.....I find that in a lot of Osprey rules. Yet it seems the authors really tried to capture the lower level of combat above the individual soldier but below the battalion level.

I am a stubborn person when I try new rules, I want to play them as written, no house rules until a history of games points out any recurring weaknesses. In particular, the mechanism of rolling 12 or 6 dice to replicate certain situations and varying casting removal versus hits achieved has caused discussions until we got it all correct..

I may try a simple scenario solo and do a step by step entry.
pancerni said…
BTW, you were up early!
Matt Crump said…
Wonderful gaming madness 👍
Matt Crump said…
Wonderful gaming madness 👍
Lawrence H said…
I too will be interested in your impressions of Rebels and Patriots once you have a game or two under your belt. The Captain's house looks like it will be another great addition, and Foundations of Rome looks interesting.
pancerni said…
I agree! Wonderfully poised this ear with a lot of projects.

OK, I will be sure to include posts on how Rebels & Patriots plays out on our tables.
DeanM said…
You've had quite a start to the new year, Joe! Always good to get more experience with rules too.
Ray Rousell said…
You do seem to have been a very busy boy Joe?
DeanM said…
Nice gaming and planes, Joe. That Rome game looks interesting.
pancerni said…
Dean , Ray,
Yes fun to have several irons in the fire,
You are correct.

Lawrence, Thanks for the kind words, I will
Blather on about Rebels and Patriots as we play games..and Rome will get an unboxing soo.

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