Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Coming soon - more ftf games at Tablerop Games

 Recently a local hobby store had a 'garage sale '  and later announced once a month historical events, alternating Black Powder and Bolt Action events. 

There will be up to 6 tables, each 4ft by 6ft avaliable and these can be shifted to make bigger tables.. 

Starts in August. Meanwhile, there is a small selection of Warlord kit on the shelf, just ask where it is located. The store ran a Friday of Black Powder and a Saturday of Bolt Action.  

Coming out of lockdown is gonna be good.

Kensington (  CT )   is about to get more frequent visits.


  1. Sounds good Joe...having a place to play games is half the battle!

  2. I had to look up Kennsington; part of Berlin, so not too far away from you! Any regularly scheduled Historical gaming is great news, even if it's BP! :-)