Mid September, more AD 1666.

 The scenario is a flight by the Blue teams, with red attempting to stop at least the Elector's son from leaving the board.  I have gone through the Polish, Spanish and Otooman lists for three heroes not normally used... just for fun.




   Today's challenge are.

  Game specific info, if you care.


 A bit different today, spending almost as much on commoners as heroes.  Three Polish dragoons along with a sergeant.

 Polish Dragoons...

 Esmerelda, knife throwing but inconspicuous.

 Francesco, poison darts, inconspicuous.

 The Ottoman Sorceror Ibrahim, we all need a little magic. No?


Madame de Montesspont...pretty but very dangerous and bad!

   The Big Nasty, the demon behind it all.


To make a long story short...Forgot to take photos  during the game.  Blues got the win,  we willlay again this week. 


rross said…
I like the look of Madame de Montesspont, plus her description Joe - pity you didnt take any pix during the game!
Gonsalvo said…
Looks like some very devious characters in that one!
pancerni said…

We had a guest player that day and sandwiched the AD1666 game and a game of four handed Silver Bayonet in the same four hours. Taking photos in a useful sequence dropped out in both cases due to time. You will see the Madame again, soon too as she figures in the campaign in Vienna we are playing right now.

Yes a lot of bad guys in the mix.
caveadsum1471 said…
Lovely looking mix of characters, the Ottomans look great!
Best Iain
pancerni said…
the Ottomans have the best group of sculpts and I should feature them as a faction more.

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