More rain, more paint, more armor (micro)

We have had a lot of rain in the last two weeks, some paint has been applied that should show some new units soon, I uncovered more WW2 goodness ...but those stories must  wait to another post.  The main show is the upcoming Cold War- centric month of November.


 One upcoming project is micro armor based WW3 set in beleaguered Germany of the Cold War. Using a map from the defunct GDW magazine, a copy of 7 Days to the Rhine we will play some linked scenario to put some structure to the business.  


Each player on the NATO team has a battalion size force,  while each wave of Warpac will be regimental in size. The setting has NATO with pre MBT  forces, making it more of a challenge to stay in the field.  The players will try their hand at stopping/slowing the Warpac attacks.

Some of the toys, this time around:

 (Yes, I know they are small, they are micro armor!)

There are even ID numbers on the stands.


Lonely left flank position.

  Right flank, armor and another infantry company. Kind'a hull down.



  Some, but not all of a tank battalion and a BTR mounted Mech infantry battalion.

The front two ranks are the advance party.  Too close tactically but great for the photo is most of the MRR battalion of tanks and 2nd Motor Rifle battalion.

The table is presently dressed in Geo-hex 12 inch hexagons, with no actual terrain. Except the hills in the BAOR photos.

The whole campaign map.

The key

Read the last paragraph.

A portion of the map:  The BAOR will be centered around Hanover,  the Bundeswehr around Hamburg.  The Warpac enters from the East, one regiment at a time.  The darkish band starting in Lubeck and snaking southeast is the inter German border.

Extra support tokens and cards are ordered from Great Escape Games,  hopefully in time for the November kickoff.


Ah, more rain means more hobby time and more time to paint! The High Season is almost within sight.

I am very interested in your BAOR project. For a better map of the theater, have you considered the SPI S&T BAOR wargame? There is a VASSAL module with a good map ( that could easily be used for your purposes.
pancerni said…
Thanks for the link. I have yet to discover how vassal works, I am going to try and visit the website. Glad you liked the is set more late 70's mostly because I liked Chieftains on the tank range in Graf.
As the weather worsens the campaign season does kick up a notch. I have high hopes for our "rules of the month regimine." At least the time spent on mowing the lawn goes down. We have combined the resources in the old article with the newer rules and the linked scenario process in lieu of a more exact map campaign.
El Grego said…
I have yet to try out 7 Days so this will be very interesting indeed.
caveadsum1471 said…
That was worrying, I thought I'd lost a month and it was already November for a moment! Interesting project, I could have sworn my brother was around Hamburg when he was in the BOAR in the late 1970's but maybe he was only visiting?
Best Iain
Re VASSAL. I have the BAOR module. I could save off a copy of the map and send off to you for study. That way, no need to figure out VASAL. If interested, send me an email and I will get to work.
rross said…
Looks like it will be an interesting month, November! Re the last paragraph - totally agree - in any case, its generally accepted, the top of a map is always north! Re Iains comment, I dont think 1 BR Corps (BAOR) was as far north as Hamburg - as the name implies, it was based around the Rhineland, with HQ at Rheindahlen.
DeanM said…
Great looking old school project there, Joe. We had rain here most of last week, but this weekend is supposed to be sunny. Rain supposed to start again on Monday.
Sparker said…
Great idea to base a game or campaign on a board game...wish I'd kept my Team Yankee one now...
pancerni said…
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pancerni said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
pancerni said…
Perhaps you can get a friend to trawl a copy of the game on the internet? That's how I got the Blitzkreig game.

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