Monday, May 23, 2022

The Boys are back in town- Murder in the Tavern scenario played.

Greg and Roger made it back from their respective vacations in time for a Friday game.  After a short but detailed discussion about Adventures on Vacation we started setting up for the scenario..

The scenario is actually the first introduced to players, but has a lot of replay value.

There is a letter, both sides want it.  Both sides will fight to get it.

The first from the left, Eisenhower (who holds the letter) near two interior doors, then a knechte on each side of the tavern's main door.  Seigfried is  in the yellow jacket and light cape near the rear doors on the right of frame.


The second crew takes up positions outside the tavern.  Greg chose the Monster Hunter faction over his beloved Musketeers.  Must have been all the new painted figures. In the lower right you can just see Koning, the Crack Shot of the group.  

Better shot of right side of tavern, by the backdoor. 

Ok a shot of the whole playing area; to the right bottom is Sepp de Vrees, leader of the Monster Hunters. Two Hexenjager, the commoner contingent for the hunters are by the main door, as is the final Hunter hero, Geralt.  

End first turn. Geralt and friends have entered, Eisenhans is looking out the back, the skulking  Hunters are waiting. Geralt is rushing a lowly knechte, who inflicts a very minor wound with a grazing crossbow bolt. 

Next turn, Seigfreid leaps up onto the table, and with a pistol shot dispatches Geralt . This leaves the two Hexenjagers outnumbered two to one, bad odds.

The Order chased off the two jagers, got Iron Hans off board with the letter , leaving Sepp and Koning scratching their heads as to what went wrong. 

The Order passed its letter to its network of contacts. 


 In our local imagination campaign, Roger's country got an intelligence coup, locating the trail of 'Anna' who had escaped the forces of Dahara months ago in  the Swamp Adventure. I'd share that with you, but it's secret!


rross said...

That seemed short and sweet joe - what was the playing time - about twenty minutes??! Nice way you have tied this game into your Imaginations campaign - I like it!

Mad Padre said...

Looks like great fun but I don’t recognize the game. Silver bayonet, maybe?

Jonathan Freitag said...

Reading about "Adventures on Vacation" sounds interesting too!

pancerni said...

The game was AD1666, one of our favorites...flexible, you can play 2,3,4 or 6 players.

The game played in a little over 45 minutes-the scenario is a direct in the face knife fight, and suddenly there are dead folk all over.

As to Adventures on Vacation, well this round pretty tame.