Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Outrageous claims and the reason why.

The Reasons behind our fight with Daharra, why we fight!

Daharra points to evil doings in K&K; 

Yet they pursue innocents to persecute their own innocents in their Five Rivers County, 

Employ Witchcraft on joint expeditions  in the lands of OrbaJosa and K&K under the cover of the  All Hallow's Eve, using fireballs to burn crops

Hold sordid meetings in unsavory locales.


How Daharra projects its Ruling Council to be.



 Daharran High Command as they actually are.


What terrible acts are perpetrated there?

What other shocking events will unfold?

Our scouts will find and report!









rross said...

They sound like an evil bunch....might be time fir a "special military operation" to clean up that nest of vipers!

DeanM said...

Very cool collection of character figs!

Czar Barry said...

The high command as they actually are looks like the place I want to be.
Great figures.

Mad Padre said...

Huh, how do I join the high command? Preferably in some capacity other than eunuch.

Tony Adams said...

Hi....Sordid meetings in unsavoury locales....what's not to like !!!!!

Kardeef, Master of Dahara said...

These lies and false etchings will be answered in full, when the K&K becomes a minor province in the Daharan Empire. The Mother Confessor has special "rewards" for those who were behind this.

Kardeef, Master of Dahara

pancerni said...

Those of you desiring dancing girls and pet tigers should apply directly to Mr. Kardeef, of Daharra. We of K&K simply reported the truth.

Gonsalvo said...

Madre de Dios, this is most distressing!

What? No, no, not the Daharan schemes, that's merely business as usual for them, after all.

We refer to the terrible misprint of the name of our beloved Kingdom, Orbajosa! Have the Grand Inquisitor seek out this miserable excuse for a printer, and have him demoted to illuminating copied manuscripts!

Gonzalo I Cebolla, el Rey de Orbajosa

pancerni said...

Misspelling fixed, your Highness!

caveadsum1471 said...

Good to see you setting the scene!
Best Iain