Clerical Conga line

 After a long spell getting sore that they were not finished as fast as the first cleric, the remaining 5 clerics for a Carlist Wars pack form the Perry's is ready to strike fear into heretics.

Clumsily copied from illustration on the Perry website. The two brown habits were a 50/50 mix of 'sand golem' and 'dark wood' to which 1 to 2 mix of medium to combined color.  This was  was used to paint the one pass.  A few details to be painted, as well as varnishing and basing.


I did not know clerics danced the conga.
Matt Crump said…
They can’t be sore any longer 👍
rross said…
They look good Joe,many could be used over quite a range of time, I woukd imagine, possibly even as late as the SCW in some cases?
pancerni said…
Thanks for your kind words. I also think we can use them into the 1930's.
caveadsum1471 said…
Splendid clerics, usable over a number of periods too!
Best Iain
pancerni said…
Thanks Iain. They will be useful anywhere prayers are needed.

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