Saturday, April 3, 2021

Imagination campaign S'Gottland raid into disputed counties--The Peasants are Revolting, part 1

 I think a mention of several mini campaigns were assigned, here is a 'first contact' report of S'Gottland's incursion into the Basque counties of the Orbajosa imperium.

Modeled on the "Peasants are revolting" Dawn's & Deliberations scenario, a column of 'guerillas' are making a tour through a county in a disputed area. It is early on and an isolated outpost is being overrun at Lonely Manner.  The photos tell all that's needed  to know.

Sa the forces of Gottland move forward, they pick up squads of militia which represent the populace turning out.  These militia will turn into drilled troops or more guerillas, either way making the area less swayed by the small garrisons presently maintained by Orbajosa.

Or will the field  forces of Orbajosa nip the rebellion in the bud and trounce the expeditionary force of S'Gottland?

More to come.
So many  games, so little time.
( Editors has been brought to 
my attention that Orbajosa is a kingdom, not an empire. Duly noted, 

hereby demoted. )


  1. We are shocked, SHOCKED, at such goings on in our peaceful Kingdom! I am sure Colonel Tiburón will have things under control shortly...

    -Gonzalo I Cebolla, el Rey de Orbajosa

    Will the editor kindly note the status of Orbajosa as a Kingdom rather than an Emopire.

  2. Looks like it will be an entertains outing and I like the way you have embedded your comments in the image

    1. I am using a free photo editor on my tablet, which took the photos as well.

      The campaign has already created some giggles in our playing group. I expect to inflict a lot of inside jokes in these reports...glad you like 'em so far.

  3. An eclectic looking mix of figures there Joe; taking full advantage of imaginations. I guess the one line summary is that the Lonely Manner outpost was taken in the old 'manor'?
    Regards, James

  4. Yes James, puns abound. Greg's S'Gottland is an amalgamation of British, Spanish and Portuguese influences. So naturally I added a Basque province for him and Peter's Spanish based country to fight over. And with the province, some Carlist War castings. Keep watch for Barry's sojourn into the Great Forest....coming soon.