Using fast paints



 I have used mostly the Army Painter fast paints on the model. I used the 'slaughter red' for collars, 'grim black' for the hats, 'hardened leather' and 'pallid bone; for straps and belts. The coat color was made from a 20 plus year old bottle of Liquitex Artist Color Swedish Blue mixed with the "Speed Paint Medium"  as the blues in the range were not what I wanted.

The homegrown blue went on in similar fashion to the store bought speed paints... that is to say they go on where the brush touches and does not run at all.  In the store the color is now called 'Bright Blue soft body acrylic' but seems to cover as well . So if you have one 'those' colors...I guess crimson or aurore could be mixed the same way.

The plumes are Liquitex's Cadmium Yellow, metal parts using Vallejo metal colors. I will follow with more photos as they come off the paint table and get properly based.


rross said…
They look quite nice Joe, will be interested to see them fully based up.
Tony Adams said…
Hi....Very interesting post. I still use Humbrol enamels but have been toying with a move to water based paints for some time. I just can not get my head round using them on just does not feel right that they would actually colour and not run thin. Clearly that is not your experience. I guess I need to bite the bullet and buy some to try. We can get Army colours your experience are they the best ???? The guns look great...Regards.
pancerni said…
If you want to go all in on techniques I would recommend the fast paints from Army Painter. If batch paint start with a test model to determine colors. The names are awful,fantasy based ones that means you will need to decide between 'Blood red and slaughter red' to make a unit forthe Peninsula and the greens and blues are named just as unhelpful. Be sure to pick up a bottle of " fast paint medium for thinning or mixing colors
The Army or game colors in the line are more like other acrylics in the use of thinning, making washes etc. A bottle of acrylic matte medium is a good idea here.

I read that Humbrol is pulling the enamel based paints off the shelf so if true it is a good move to try something new, even if a big change.
Oh, ger some good matte varnish, a must to protect the acrylic from rubbing off. I do miss the protection of enamel paints.
Lots of great videos on how to use the new paints on you tube right now.
pancerni said…
Keith, thanks, I will do some basing this week. The battery and some others are due.
Ray Rousell said…
I've been experimenting with the same paints, with mixed results. Nice looking figures though.
James Fisher said…
Good to see more of your beaut Swedes Joe.
I switched to acrylic paint about thirty years ago. I really enjoy the ease of application, mixing and thinning and do no miss the smell of enamels and turps in the least. I'm not 'modern' enough to try these army painters though!
Regards, James
pancerni said…
Ray, James,
Thank you both on the kind words, the battery will be the only 12 pound one in the Army. The fast paints have a place but are not for every job/painter. I still use a base/stain & wash technique for my stables.

I must be the only gamer I know that likes the smell of turpentine. But then, I am only a couple years removed from "white lead, linseed oil and turp make white paint." Add calves blood for barn red.

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