Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Raid on an airfield Huge scenario at Tabletop Games

Finally the story can be told.  Eighteen unarmored jeeps against the Luftwaffe and  Afrika Korps units in a midnight raid.

 With Jacob's 6 jeeps and 12 from the store, twenty two airplanes on the runway, 4 ammo dumps and over 100 Afrika Korps infantry, this was a big game!

The last plane had come in. It was midnight, the desert would be very dark if not for the lights on the runway, lit to guide the planes coming in just as the raiders were starting their engines. Eighteen jeeps, each carrying two or three mg's.

Lower airstrip, fighters and Ju-87 Stukas

Upper airstrip, where the big birds were located.

The first turn, 10 of the SAS jeeps showing, first blood to Jacob's group-the center jeeps. 

  Not to be outdone, one of my jeeps gets two planes the next turn!

And an ammo dump and another plane the next turn.

meanwhile, down the center Jacob's jeeps charged forward.

While assisting Eric, the third jeep team leader, in blowing up several more planes.

Pretty much my high water mark. Two ammo dumps, all but one plane on the first two tables were burning. Over 50 Afrika Korps soldiers were in rifle range.

We played the game through all the turns (6 or 7, don't remember ). No bombers were harmed, but there were no dive bombers or fighters remaining serviceable

Thanks to Tabletop, especially Ron M., who assembled 22of the  1/48th scale planes, painted and decaled them,  then did 12  jeeps, then did 90D..A.K. fit in as well. To Jacob, not only for the 6 finished models, but for his tactical rules knowledge. To "Death or glory"  Eric....we did well to get a tie.

Oh, my dice.. which finally did what I needed in the game.


Matt Crump said...

Lovely looking game and all those lovely planes πŸ‘

Jonathan Freitag said...

Very cool, Joe! This must have been great fun.

daveb said...

Looks like one to remember! What ruleset were you using?

rross said...

It has been a little while coming but the outcome was well worth the wait! The table, with runways etc plus ALL THOSE PLANES, looks marvellous! Real "Rogue Heries" type stuff.....Who Dares, Wins😊

pancerni said...

Dave, we used Bolt Action, mostly the Western Desert supplement for the SAS jeeps.

Keith, yeah, and I nominated Eric, the left hand squadron commander as the resident " Death or Glory" wanna be. He did not want to accept the draw the victory conditions granted us. 'One more turn, one more plane ' he reasoned. Wiser heads prevailed. We were facing down 90 infantry and at least two MMG's by that time.

Best of all, I went home with a Stuka and the transport plane. They will make great terrain.

Dai said...

That’s one heck of a good looking table and what a fun scenario too. Bravo to the lot of you for building all those aeroplanes!

Ray Rousell said...

It looks a fantastic game! Very cool indeed!

Lawrence H said...

Great to see this project come together on the table. It looked like a very fast-moving and fun game.

Mad Padre said...

What an amazing looking game! All those magnificent 1/48 scale model planes!
Air Marshall Kesserling will want some explanations about those burning aircraft! :)
Michael P

Stew said...

Very nice table and cool scenario. Nice job all around. πŸ˜€

pancerni said...

Giving credit where it is due, all the planes, ALL the planes were one person's work, Ron M, the store manager. He also painted nine or ten of the jeeps, and almost all the D.A.K. infantry.

I did come up with the idea of using the twine for showing the illuminated areas, and supplied the twine.

There were some other painting done by the store staff, six of the jeeps were supplied painted by Jacob, the player who commanded the center 6 jeeps.
Truly a great game and effort.

Tony Adams said...

A really good looking battle with some very good models indeed....Regards.

Gonsalvo said...

A very big game indeed; looks super, even in Khaki! :-)

pancerni said...

By the way, Tabletop Games, the store, has the game on Twitch if you are interested.

James Fisher said...

What a ripper game Joe!
Regards, James