Monday, January 30, 2023

Vegatables, Nomes and an ambush -- Wars of Ozz game

 Magic alert.....the AAR contains sentient pumpkins and garden style gnomes gone bad!

New entries from the Wars of Ozz line as Greg has been busy painting. The back line units are from Old Glory's line; the singly mounted gnomes on the left front are from several sources online printing, and have no repeats. There is also a cannon and crew.

 The Kingdom of Harvest is filling in units, one mounted one foot, to make the two 20 point brigades. 

The scenario, Ambush! called for a 25 point brigade of Quadlings to be attacked by two brigades, each of 20 points. My long suffering Brunswicker battalions played the part of the Quadlings. three infantry units, a cavalry unit, and an off camera artillery battery completed the bush-wacked.

Suffice it to say, another learning game, as Greg had missed the earlier outing. We got through the four turns suggested in the book, giving props to the Gnomes, who were ably seconded by Mother Ophelia and her cats. The rules have some older concepts mixed in with a unit activation process that is different. 

Action shot of the gnomish artillery piece on the hill in the rear, as well as the mounted pumpkin flank attack setting up on the Hussars. The Brunswick  ( Quadlings) battery is just out of camera  frame  to the right.
Unit commander's special trait on stand. The table was 4 by 4 rather than the 5 by 4 in the book.  This made the game paraphernalia more omnipresent than normal. 
Another view of a unit commander's trait chit.

Outmanuevered, I would recommend the full size battlefield be used; cutting off a foot in table length placed the ambushers less than a charge move away from the ambushed units.  Greg discovered just how short ranged blunderbusses are.  We both found melee to be bad for a unit's health. 
Despite the rookie mistake on set up, the game was fun and we will try again, perhaps when the three of us can get together.  The rules did portray the chaos of an ambush well.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Wacky stuff!

Matt Crump said...

It looks like you had fun Joe but I’m not sure my mind stretches to fighting vegetables

rross said...

I think you must have smoked too much good stuff back in the day, Joe....mind you, someone had to originally think of sculpting military grade pumpkins, so you are not alone. Are the Quadlings supposed to be a humanoid race, or have you just plonked for Brunswickers as a generic stand in enemy for your assorted veg?

pancerni said...

Matt, mostly as a kid not cooperating at mealtime in my case. The rules have a certain charm.

Keith, the Quadlings in the lore of "the wars of ozz " are human, if a bit given to having a certain rotund look. The Old Glory 'official' photos of their range show this.

You are correct that I 'plonked' the Brunswickers (twice now) as a generic stand in during the battles fought using the 'Wars of Ozz ' and probably will do so in the future. [That is a great word....plonk].

No ingestion of anything, back in the day or since. Except for chewing Red Man'baccy' when on the gun line but it is not the same thing.
Only thing I took until my mid 40's was aspirin.

caveadsum1471 said...

Good looking and unusual game, have you seen Turnip28 where you convert plastic 28mm figures into walking vegetable soldiers? Just feel there is a kinship!
Best Iain

pancerni said...

Ian, I have read on a few blogs the Turnip28 concept. It seems similar but would entail a lot more scratch building than I have time for right now.

Gonsalvo said...

Nice small game, and the veggies, etc. don't bother me at all. :-)
I was going top comment, that unless I sorely missed the mark, that funky herbs were not in use by you (any more than me) back in the day, LOL!

In my first year of Med school, we had not one but two 18"" snowstorms. The one that collapsed the roof of the Hartford Coliseum found my freind form UConn, Tom Marien (who I believe may have been Steve Gallagher's roommate Tom's freshman year) stay overnight in my small apartment in Hartford. He was working for one of the (then) Big 8 accounting firms, and there was too much snow by far for him to drive all the way home to Norwich. Anyway, as we were sitting in the "living room", Tom (who was also fairly straight laced)spied a plastic bag with herbal looking stuff in it. A bit disappointed in me, he said something like, "Oh no, not you too, Peter?!". I was a bit puzzled at first, and then realized what he thought. A brief examination of the bags contents demonstrated it to be the flocking mix for my miniatures basing! :-)