Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Working (more like cobbling together) an operational level game 1942 PT Boats

 I had mentioned it a few weeks  ago but didn't go into detail.  Being a PT 109 fan from when I was an early 1960's kid, I have talked Greg & Roger into fooling around with some old 'Flattop ' maps , our collection of Cruel Seas boats and probably using Cruel Seas rules for engagements.  



Map showing area west of Guadalcanal, partly covering the New guinea to Bismark Sea 1944 scenarios.

I looked around and the only game I found on the subject was "Devil Boats in the Pacific" by Compass games, which is set scale for a single Boat's outlook. That game sounds a bit too granular for what we wanted,  don't feel the need to track levels of dysentery in the crew. 

Anyway,  I hope to have scenarios set in the Eastern Solomons, 1942 and off the New Guinea coast in 1944.  Most of the 1944 information comes from  the book US Army in World War II, The War in the Pacific,  The Approach to the Philippines . The Wadke'-Sarmi, Hollandia, and Biak operations are the backdrop for 1944.

 The progress is slow, but did push the building of the Cruel Seas Vospers Boats. Since these were the inspiration behind the Elco and Higgins Boats of the USN, they will stand in until my supply of the correct model come. I guess this counts as I built something.


 Mark 2 Vospers

Mark1 Vospers

 Yes, repairs are already needed to the torpedo tubes, and he boats join the painting queue. Since little gets done without a deadline, I am shooting for March. Greg has a lot of non PT boat equipment for the Japanese. To be seen again soon.



Lawrence H said...

This looks like it will be fun Joe. I have a fair bit of Cruel Seas stuff tucked away and awaiting assembly. Were they OK to put together?

Ray Rousell said...

Looks a good start.

pancerni said...

Ray, thanks, I am hopeful.

Lawrence, Yes the Vospers went together easily despite no instructions nor sketch.

rross said...

This level and era of naval gaming, I can just about handle! We played a couple of games of Cruel Seas a couple of years ago, mainly small boats like these and German E and S Boots. Look forward to seeing how this progresses in March!

gh50687281 said...

Our first game played well, no major rule issues, although we did see some gaps in the narrative. I learned how fragile my 15 hull Japanese T-14 MTB are. One hit from a main gun, 6s to damage critical hit and sunk. Greg

Stew said...

good start! I like the look of the ships. 😁
Was dysentery a thing in the navy?> thought it was scruvy.

caveadsum1471 said...

Nice looking small boats!
Best Iain

pancerni said...

Keith, we are trying Cruel Seas round two today. Yesterday we ran through Flat Top's rules for air units moving, attacking bases, AA fire, intercepting escorts and bombers. Surprisingly what we found is that at the level portrayed, PT squadrons are not even portrayed on the map/O.O.B. for Flat Top; nor would there be a meaningful way to 'bolt them on' to the scenarios.

Iain, thanks for the kind words. There will be more coming up on this stuff.

Stew, Evidently a problem in the theater, at least until water treatment units became in theater. Bad enough not a lot of fresh water, but not all of that is potable!