Tanks giving prep

 First off, some local show and tell from last Friday.

Greg H's new armor

US troops in Winter gear circa 1920's?

Then Roger surprised us with a new Luftwaffe, Messerschmidts, Heinkels, FW's, Junkers.

That s a lot of Luftwaffe!


So here are the B26's soon to grace my AAF squadrons.

They will join my P47's and P38's. They can be level bombers or take torpedoes!

So, yes there will be Blood Red Skies after the New Year.  US/Japanese/German units, maybe some Russians as the year progresses.

The annual meeting of Tanksgiving (silliness and treads) is scheduled for the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  Succumbing to the allure of  late war gear I have decided to expand my US force, ahem, four fold.

First up, a Priest,  shown here in its place in queue.  Next in build is the resin Warlord kit.

 Yes I know it needs assembly

Open topped and lightly armored, it's howitzer may come in handy, and otherwise it looks good. It will look  even better put together. And according to the organizer, it is a 'legal' choice in this dubious enterprise.

Also new is a Chaffee,  the US late war light tank. Another resin kit, again by Warlord. 

So much late war goodness.

Replacement for the Stuart series, larger gun, definite advantage to last year's BT -7's.

Finally, the Pershing.  US heavy tank for late war fights, again a Warlord resin kit.

 Pershings made it into the European conflict in 1945

Heavy armor, 90mm gun, what can I say, except maybe I should have two?

I think these three are enough, but a Sherman is in the wings if points allow,  or maybe this if I can get it assembled in time.  Hellcat M18 tank destroyer ...76.2 gun, fast but light, might be another way to go.  Only trouble is that it is a plastic kit in about 60 pieces.  Five days to go, one being Thanksgiving, probably not going to happen. Still need to prime and slap some paint on these new guys

 . Last year two BT7's, an R35 and a Char bis  only took out one tank but lasted almost to the end as the Char bis refused all attempts to be penetrated by the opposing teams. 


rross said…
Nice new tanks there Joe - completely opposite end of the WWII spectrum from my current efforts of course! I look forward to reading about their adventures in next week's event!
pancerni said…
Been following your work on the motorcycle troops, they look really good.

These tanks represent the first Pershing tanks I have had, the other marks are reflected in my 20mm hordes.

I think WW2 will get a lot of coverage in 2024, land,sea and air.
Ben Cato said…
Good set of vehicles.
The Chaffee is my favourite WW2 tank. It looks very modern and even though a light tank if it had been fielded 3-4 years earlier it would have ruled the battlefield.
Matt Crump said…
Lots of nice tanks Joe 👍
Now, “Tanksgiving” is a holiday tradition that deserves more traction…
Dai said…
Lovely kits to add to your collection! Especially like the Priest as it's one of my fav self propelled guns of the war - did it come with crew? Also, Blood Red Skies looked interesting when it was first released, but it's price point scared me away to be honest, especially on the bombers.

Good luck getting these all done and ready for your event. Hope you can post pics of how it went.

- Dai
DeanM said…
Nice looking projects, Joe. I like the Chaffee and Pershing tanks.
pancerni said…
Ben,Matt,Dean,Dai, thanks. Trying to prime tomorrow and get a basecoat on Saturday. Photos of the event should be up by Tuesday.

Jonathan...tongue firmly in cheek, I agree!

Dai, there is a crew included with the M7. I doubt they will be finished by Sunday.
As to Blood Red Skies, for what we want, the cost to play is not bad if you stay at one national force.
Squadrons of 6 fighters or 3 bomber aircraft are US $45 OR SO.
you only need the rule book and a Squadron to play.

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