Well that was fast! Athos for the win!

Greg made it over for St Patrick's Day and since it was to be just the two of us  the game was in the AD1666 universe. 

A simple plot- the adventure scenarios are a blast.

 I set up scenario Viennagate, a two player adventure scenario. I took the Spanish contingent and Greg fielded the French Musketeers.


 The plot is to meet up with a Courtesan; that she is to hand to the letter over to

French  or Spanish faction,.  Obviously one wins if they get the letter off the table by game end.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       



Courtesan at start. French in red rings, Spanish in blue. Who will get to the Courtesan first?
 The scenario is claustrophobic, played on the smallest board area of any scenario , at night, in amongst cluttered terrain.

The mechanic is an opposed pull from the deck to win the Charisma against Wit contest. Francesca had moved up to the Courtesan, tried and failed miserably to convince her the Spanish were the good guys-failing by more than three made the Courtesan run away.  This was specified as the opposing player ( Greg) moving her 4 spaces. The result is shown, the Courtesan is at the top of the photo, next to Athos.

Damn, but Athos convinces the Courtesan not only to give him the letter, but also to join the Musketeers in this adventure. They are two steps from the board edge for the scenario, and leave the board, 5VP to the French.  Since I can now only gain Victory Points  for killing enemy commoners, the best the score would be 5 to 2. 

 Setting up the board took fifteen minutes, the scenario was over fourth turn twenty five minutes into the game.  Greg wins a coup in gathering information in the upcoming Emperor Election in our Imagination campaign. 

The scenario is one that calls in non combat skills to an important end. Wonderful game.  More to come.




Gonsalvo said…
Evidently the French had a certain "Je ne sais quoi" that the Spanish lacked. Perhaps inviting Madame to the Inquisition chamber was not the best line!
Ray Rousell said…
Looks and sounded like a quick fun game.
rross said…
It was all that garlic on the Spaniards breath.....mind you, the French are not innocent of that fault either.....! A great little scenario, as you say, Joe.

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